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Moss Maritime provides leading technology and expertise within design and engineering services to the offshore oil & gas and renewable energy sector.


Some of the largest and most advanced semi-submersible drilling platforms are designed & engineered by Moss Maritime, and the company has a special position in the LNG industry, being the designer of the Moss LNG carrier.


Moss Maritime continues to specialize in frontier and technology advanced projects. We provides a wide variety of design solutions for innovative floater designs for exploration and production facilities,  for solutions within the LNG industry, as well as for the renewable energy sector.


We also engage in emerging new markets with the need of floater competence such as for example fish farming, and large coastal structures and infrastructure.


Moss Maritime is part of Saipem’s division XSIGHT, dedicated to high added value engineering services.

Business Areas

Clean Energy solutions

Clean Energy solutions

Moss Maritime engage in finding solutions for clean energy, such as floating solar parks, offshore wind parks and more.

Gas Technologies

Gas Technologies

Moss Maritime has developed & patented key solutions for the maritime LNG industry, such as the Moss LNG carrier, the Moss boil-off reliquefaction system, and the Moss LNG regasification system. We also engage in conversions from LNG carriers to FSRU, FSU, FSPU.

Ocean Technology and Infrastructure

Ocean Technology and Infrastructure

Ocean Technology and Infrastructure

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ECO Drilling Floaters

ECO Drilling Floaters

From one of a kind projects to the world’s first pure dynamic positioning drilling semi-submersible, Moss Maritime has brought creative solutions to offshore platforms built for the oil and gas industry. We have now taken the step further with Moss ECO product range.

Engineering Services

Our team provides leading technology, experience and expert engineering services for offshore oil & gas developments, renewable energy projects and coastal projects.


Although Moss Maritime specializes in frontier and technology advanced projects, the company provides a wide variety of design, engineering and technical services to owners, operators, fabricators and other engineering companies

Marine Structures

Hull & topside global- and local structural design and analysis / Foundation design / Hull scantling and lightship weight calculations / Fatigue strength analysis / Local design and analysis of hull and topside support structures / Cargo tank area / Pipe stress calculations / Mooring structure and hull integration / Topside support structures and hull integration / Design optimization / Technical specification

Project Services & Technical Safety

Concept development / Technical specifications / Functional requirements / Technical sales support & Contracts / Project planning / Design basis / Hull form optimization / Hull configuration / Intact and damage stability / Weight control / Coordination of SIL evaluation / Hazid & Hazop / Hazardous area plan / Safety studies & plans / ESD systems / Fire & gas detection systems / Fire protection

Marine & Utility Systems

Hull systems / Topside utilities / HVAC / Steam competence / Engine & propulsion system / Equipment specifications / EI&T systems / Hydraulic calculations for fire water & other systems as required / Power generation concept development / Single line diagrams / Electrical consumer list / Power and instrument cable specifications

Naval Technology

Environmental load calculations / Global performance & hydrodynamics / Model test specification and follow-up / Fully coupled non-linear analysis / Strength and fatigue mooring analysis / Mooring system design / Mooring configuration, sizing & layout / Mooring equipment specification / Procurement support / Operating Philosophy

Gas Process Technology

Process engineering / Specialist LNG competence related to LNG carriers, FLNGs, LNG FSUs and FSRUs / Regasification systems / Design & detail engineering of systems for storage, handling, loading and offloading of LNG / Vapour and BOG handling / Fuel gas systems / Relief and blowdown systems / Preparatoin of P&IDs, valve lists, and equipment specifications / Process simulations / H&M balances.

Arrangement & Layout

3D model design / Structural drawings / Architectural layout drawings / Functional and design requirements for LQ and helideck / Establish LQ room program / LQ structural design and drawings / Lifeboat arrangement / Machinery arrangement / Piping arrangement / Piping & valve specifications / System P&IDS with valve & line list / Equipment specifications

Who we are

“We, at Moss Maritime, are at the forefront of developing leading technology andproviding engineering expertise for the maritime and offshore energyindustry. Ourfocus and commitment is to bea high‐value technical partner to our Clients in orderto ultimately ensure safe, sustainable, reliable and efficient technology for vessels andfloaters for the world’s energy sector”

Our history

Our values


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Ocean Technology and Infrastructure


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Clean Energy Solutions


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ECO Drilling Floaters


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Gas Technology



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